One by Sarah Crossan


(This book was kindly sent to me by the publishers on Edelweiss, but it has not and will not affect what I think or say about the book in the following review. Enjoy!)

It’s been a few weeks at least since I was asked to read a Sarah Crossan book, and that one book happened to be Apple And Rain. I remember reading it during school and feeling so emotionally touched, scared that it was showing too! When I first signed up for Edelweiss, this was the first book I requested and I was so happy when I got it to review it for you here!

Tippi and Grace are sisters. Twin sisters. Each with their own life, their own story, but with one body. Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins. And up until high school they’ve been home schooled, but the authorities have decided that they can’t fund this anymore, so they must be admitted to mainstream school. They’re braced for hate, braced for questions, braced for bullying, but instead they meet Yasmeen and Jon. But even they could not prepare them for the surprise they were going to receive scarily soon.

Sarah Crossan has this unique way of telling a story that means she can tug at your emotions, and make you connect with the story even though you have nothing in common with these people’s stories. I experienced it with Apple and Rain, where we read about the stories of those two, and I had it once again with One.

This also happens to be the first occasion where I’ve read a book about conjoined twins. Whatever made Sarah decide to write One about conjoined twins, it was an excellent choice. I loved reading One, and not purely because it was written about conjoined twins, because it was told in such a delicate way that actually, the story became devastating in the best way.

Unlike many other novels written in the YA market, this book actually shines a lot of light on the characters and their backstories. We learn so much about Tippi and Grace in this book, and I like the fact that by the end of the book, you feel like you could know them personally, or at least go on an overrated quiz show and do some trivia about them.

Not only that, but every character in the story contributes in their own unique way to the tales that Tippi and Grace share with each other, and it’s really nice to read the book and feel the plot come together.

Sarah, I can’t say much more than you’ve created an amazing novel and it definitely is One (see what I did there?) book everybody needs to go and read. 


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