The Baby by Lisa Drakeford


The lovely, lovely team at Chicken House sent this one through to me in a parcel filled with mystery books to me, and I was ecstatic to see a copy of this book in there! After the many lovely things I’ve heard about it from friends in the book community, I was so excited to get reading, so out of the books they sent me, this one got read first!

Olivia has invited her friends to a house party. Her parents are out, and surprisingly, they know about it too. Everyone’s having a great time, except she can’t find her friend Nicola anywhere. So when she enters her bathroom, it’s a shock to everyone to see she’s in there. And she’s giving birth. Olivia delivers Nicola’s newborn baby, Eliza, and it would appear everyone’s mildly horrified. Nicola’s not ready and Olivia’s dealing with her boyfriend so can’t help herself. But what other secrets are the others hiding, and what could it spell for their friendships?

Lucy at lucythereader said that if you liked Trouble by Non Pratt, you’d love this. And I couldn’t agree more.

The book is told from each person’s viewpoint but every chapter is written in a weird, conscious third person manner, which really stands out as something different and unique. It means we don’t get a perspective which could be blurred with that character’s feelings, but they’re added in a way that doesn’t become distracting or annoying. I really liked the way the story was told, but some people may find it confusing or annoying.

Rather than a story about teenage pregnancy, I think it shows the different side to it, and it shows the people behind the teenage pregnancy stories. Non Pratt wrote about the relationship and the personal perspective of the teenage pregnancy, but Lisa Drakeford showed us the different aspects on the story, but it’s far from a heavy read. I, like many other readers, laughed quite a bit at the section where Nicola and Ben are in the generic frozen food store which could be named after a country north-west of the UK, and they annoy middle aged women making comments about the two.

And that’s the thing: it’s another stereotype buster. I love the fact that this book shows a different tale, one that defies society’s general image on teenage pregnancies and shows you the people behind them.

Whilst we’re talking about the people behind them, these ‘people’ are characters that are brilliantly portrayed, so no ‘I want more detail about the characters!’ rant this time!

And I also want to commend who designed the cover too. It’s an amazing idea and it’s an eye catcher. Definitely something different and nothing that gives too much away about the book.

I’m looking forward to meeting Lisa Drakeford at YALC in London this weekend, and you can meet her too on the Friday and Saturday at the Chicken House stand. Go meet her and share the love for this book because it’s incredible. 


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