Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame


I was sent this to read by the lovely team at Black And White Publishing, and it’s a relatively new release too. If you haven’t already heard of Estelle Maskame, she’s a 17 year old from Scotland who originally published DIMILY on Wattpad. It was then really well received by the community on the site, and it was published as a result of that. Estelle is an inspiration in the book world, and it was really exciting receiving this in the post, signed as well!

Eden Munro lives in Portland with her mother, after her parents divorced. But then her dad asks her to come and live with him in Santa Barbara, California, for the summer, and she agrees. She travels out there to meet her new stepmum, Ella, and her three stepbrothers. Her eldest stepbrother, Tyler Bruce, has a huge ego, a short temper and a troubled past to bring forward with him. He’s the absolute opposite of Eden, but as Eden gets to know him she finds herself not only finally getting him, but also falling for him. The one person she can’t fall for. Can she ever keep it a secret, and still make it in California?

Before I go any further, I really enjoyed this book, but I found it really awkward to read.

Firstly, it’s already pretty obvious that Tyler and Eden fall for each other. And there’s a character in the book who mentions how creepy their relationship is considering they are practically siblings. And it’s true. Do you know how awkward I found it to read about a relationship between two people of the same family? It’s really awkward. Whilst it’s handled in a way that does make you feel some sympathy for their situation, it’s still weird.

I’m also not a big fan of the cliche plot. The whole ‘people that are completely the opposite of each other then take a second look and realise they are perfect for each other’ plot-line is really overused, and again, Estelle’s done it brilliantly, but it’s really overused and I’d appreciate a new twist on it.

That said, never before have I read a book that features that level of detail as this book does. The plot begins to unravel about 100 pages in, and it’s a 400 page book, which means we get tons and tons of detail about the characters, about the setting, and more importantly, Tyler and Eden’s relationship. I’m a massive fan of detail in books, and I loved the fact you got a plot which was full of twists and detail and yet not distracting in the slightest. I loved it.

Estelle’s style of writing is completely different from the really soppy kind of romance I tend to find on Wattpad, it’s sleek, stylish and does a hell of a lot of justice to the characters and plot. Did I Mention I Love You? is one of the best books I’ve read, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s such a success.

Estelle, I look forward to reading what you have to write next, whether it’s published, or it’s on Wattpad.

Happy reading, book lovers! 


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