Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman


(I was sent this book by Rock The Boat to read and give an honest review on it.)

I want to be able to say that I had an amazing story behind this, but there’s no way of making a delivery by a postal worker sound interesting. So whilst I can’t make the story on how I acquired the book interesting, wait until you hear about the book.

Kady has just broken up with Ezra. She thinks that’s it the worst thing that could happen in the universe, but then her planet, that afternoon, gets invaded. She’s split up from Ezra as they are both conscripted into service on two separate ships: Alexander and Hypatia. They stay in touch, but how do they know that this isn’t the end of their story, and the start of another far bigger?

This book isn’t told in a conventional manner. Instead, it’s told in the completely unique way of using documents, as if the book were a case file being used in an investigation, instead. It’s up to readers to piece together the clues and work out the story.

Never before have I ever read a book like this, told in such a unique way. I think the book can be hard to follow in places but you get an even more special and unique experience from reading the book and having it written in this format.

Whilst Ezra is a bit of a cliche character (6 foot 5, apparently super attractive), and this got on my nerves slightly, the relationship that forms between him and Kady is really cute, and also really fun to read about as well!

Also, the plot. The quality of the plot says a lot about the book, and it’s what (along with the characters in my opinion) makes the book for me. With sci-fi I suppose on some levels it’s easier to make the plots unique, but the book is so different on every level.

Even if you don’t particularly like sci-fi, I dare you to read this book and prepare to have your opinions on sci-fi changed dramatically. Besides, with reviews from Scott Westerfeld and Marie Lu, you don’t really have a reason not to read this book.

It might seem like a phrase I pulled out of some handbook on how to blog about books, but this is honestly one of the best books I’ve read in a few years. It leaves you close to ripping out pages in suspense and near breathless at the end. Less of a sci-fi novel, more of a thrilling romance set in a sci-fi landscape with everything you love about contemporary thrown in as well.

Just be prepared for how big it is. I was sent a proof copy (so this is another little disclaimer, I have no idea what the finished product looks like, don’t quote me on this), so if it’s anything like the proof, be prepared for Harry Potter size books with 599 pages of story! If big books aren’t your thing then still read it, but you have been warned.

Go read it. Storm Waterstone’s/Foyles/Blackwell’s/Barnes & Noble (delete as appropriate) in October and please tell me what you think of it. 


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