"High school is just a rough, rough period in one’s life." – An Interview with Jesse Andrews

Why did you choose to have Greg and Earl co-workers with films? Why not novels, or poems or art?

Well, it had to be an art form that demanded to be collaborative, so anything like novels or poems or paintings was out. You don’t need a partner for those. But filmmaking forced Greg and Earl to make room for each other, creatively/emotionally/comedically, and I really liked when they did that. Also, the process of making a film is so involved and disruptive and out in the open – it’s kind of the worst possible lifestyle choice for someone who wants to be invisible. So it was the perfect art form to inflict on poor Greg.

Greg devised a system that would keep his invisibility intact whilst he “survived” high school, where instead of just being part of one group of people in high school, he’d gain low level friendship status with as many groups as possible. Where did the idea for this system come from?

Well, I wanted Greg to be cut off from people, but I didn’t want him to be an antisocial loner. I wanted to see if he could combine that cut-offness with a kind of friendliness, too. Because he’s not an unfriendly guy. So out of that came this idea of hiding in plain sight – interacting without ever showing your true self. But it’s certainly not a revolutionary idea. Politicians do it, to cite one frightening example.

Read the full interview at The Guardian here!


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