George by Alex Gino


(The lovely team at Scholastic sent me this for an honest review! My opinions have, of course, not been affected.)

​My initial thoughts on this book were mixed. I’d heard a lot of positive things about this seemingly MG book, and I’d heard a few ‘it could’ve been better’ comments made too. When Scholastic sent me this to review, I was really, really excited to read it, but sadly took way too long to read it, so sorry! When I did finish it though, I can totally understand those mixed feelings people had about this book. It looks like I’m about to tell you why!

Everybody looks at George and thinks they see a boy, but obviously that’s not the truth. George knows she’s a girl, but she’s not sure how to tell everyone the truth. Plus, she’s 10. Who’d believe her? But, her golden chance might have come when her teacher announces the school production is of Charlotte’s Web, and George is desperate to try out for the part of Charlotte. But her teacher said she can’t try out: because she’s a boy. George is determined to show everyone who she really is in this play, one way or another.

On the face of it, George isn’t a particularly thrilling book, nor is it one that many people would be on the edge of their seat reading. It’s not a difficult book to read and it hasn’t got the most complex of plots. But do you know what? None of that really matters.

Personally, I believe George is a book more suited to a younger audience than YA, more suited to an MG audience, but anyone who reads it will be charmed by the determination that George shows and shocked at the injustice she faces in her battle to be who she wants to be.

It takes the very real topic of being transgender in modern society and deals with it a way that we can understand. It’s written in such a way where we get to see and feel empathetic towards George, and George is a character we can really get quite emotionally attached to and it’s heartwarming to see how George progresses throughout the story.

I love this book a fair amount, and it is a charming read, perfect for when you need inspiration. 


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