Review of Crush by Eve Ainsworth

(I was sent this book by the lovely team at Scholastic for review. My opinions haven’t been affected as a result.)

Eve’s been an author to watch since her debut novel 7 Days was released. To me, it’s an amazing example of the best in UKYA (because UKYA is amazing, isn’t it?), and I really enjoyed it (I wrote a review as well). When I heard that Eve had written this book, I was needless to say very excited. Eve’s an incredible author, but also an author that knows how to take a topic and address it with a powerful story.

Anna’s caught the attention of Will, the boy every girl at school wants, and Anna can’t believe it. She was just the girl in the band, not the type of girl who goes round trying to attract attention. Will thinks she’s beautiful. He wants her to be his perfect, alone. But at what cost does this relationship come? ‘Love hurts, but should it hurt this much?’

First of all, the book’s got an amazing front cover. I don’t know who designed the cover for the book, but I like it. Both the front and back covers are very nicely designed, so kudos to whoever designed those!

Crush is a really well told book that takes a very real topic and puts into perspective for so many people. I have no experience in any way with any kind of abusive relationships, but this book has put some clarity on them for me. They’re very real, and I think it’s great Eve’s chosen to write a book with one at it’s core.

The story doesn’t have an excessive number of characters, but this is done to the book’s advantage. The book works perfectly with just a few characters, and it doesn’t leave you confused in a tangled web consisting of complicated storylines, characters and settings.

It’s not a very long book either (compared to 400-500 page novels), but again this works for the novel. It doesn’t need to be a long novel, as it’s already got a certain depth to it that I really liked.

Put simply: the book just works, and the book works perfectly.

I really enjoyed Crush, but it’s a book that takes a very real and relevant topic, and addresses it in a way so that we can all become more aware. I recommend Crush, and I definitely think everyone should give it a go.


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