Review of Maladapted by Richard Kurti

(I picked this book up at the Walker blogger event in October 2015 in exchange for a review. My opinions on the book have not been affected as a result.)

Richard visited the Walker blogger event where I managed to get hold of this book, and spoke about his career as a screenwriter, but how he often faced the challenge of the balance between the book and the script. So he started writing books, and Maladapted is his second title (Monkey Wars being his first).

Cillian is the only survivor of an attack on the city’s Metro system. Everyone around him, including his own father, died. One question surfaces in his mind: why did he survive and nobody else? The mysterious Tess helps him begin discovering answers, and shows us that science can sometimes teach us who we are, but can change who we are.

I loved this book. It’s a fast-paced sci-fi novel that borders on being real, and it’s completely addictive; I practically read it in one sitting.

Richard’s got this edgy and fast paced style of writing that’s so fun to read and really makes this book what it is. You’re constantly hooked on the suspense of the situations that Cillian finds himself in, plus Cillian’s a great character to read about too.

It’s definitely a futuristic book, but it’s got that sense where you can read it and understand and visualise what’s happening, and I love that about a book. It’s not dystopian, but like so many before me have already said, fans of The Hunger Games and any kind of dystopia are probably going to really enjoy this book.

I really enjoyed Maladapted, and I definitely need to read Richard’s first (and slightly longer!) book, Monkey Wars.


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