Review of Half Wild by Sally Green


(I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for a review by Penguin Random House. My opinions haven’t been affected in any other way.)

This trilogy has a lot going for it. The last instalment, Half Lost, was recently released, and I loved Half Bad, the first instalment. When Penguin were nice enough to send me (far too long ago, sorry!) Half Wild, I was madly excited! I’m also really excited to share my thoughts on the book as well.

The way things were in Book 1 remains: England is still split between two warring groups of witches: the White Witches and the Black Witches, and they both live among the humans. Nathan is the son of the most powerful and violent witch in the world, and now he’s discovered his gift, he’s on the run. But the Hunters who are chasing him won’t stop at anything to get hold of him, and his father.

This book has a pace to it that’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It provides new developments to the already unique and wonderful world that Sally’s created, and introduces brand new characters that all play into the storyline perfectly.

Nathan’s the character you met and first enjoyed reading about, and still something extra on top of that.

I enjoyed the book, but it wasn’t entirely without faults, mind you.

Whilst the pace was great, the characters and setting was great, I wasn’t entirely sure on the plotline. At certain points, I began losing attention, and whilst you definitely get to the end intrigued to find out what happens in book 3 (my review of Half Lost will be coming soon!), I did leave the book feeling a little unsure about what I’d read.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely still worth reading, and I think you would be missing out if you didn’t read book 2 before going on to read book 3, but I just felt a little unsure about the book towards the end. Sally’s writing style hasn’t disappeared; it’s still there and something to definitely be appreciated.

Whilst I don’t usually give star ratings, for the purposes of giving some kind of reference point for my opinions, I would give Half Wild a star rating of three stars out of five. Great characters, and the setting I enjoyed reading about in Half Bad, but I just wasn’t on the edge of my seat reading it.

I still look forward to reviewing Half Lost very soon!




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