Book Launch: Blame by Simon Mayo

On Monday night, at Waterstones Piccadilly, a relatively small crowd of ‘bookish’ people found themselves in the ground floor cafe for the launch of Simon Mayo’s new YA novel, Blame.

I was very excited to be going along to this; I’d already read and reviewed Blame for The Guardian Children’s Books Site, and I really enjoyed it. It was also my first book launch, so I was pretty excited about that too.

Presentation, as with everything bookish, was key and everywhere looked great. Upon arrival, you were greeted with a neat pile of finished copies of the book…


Plus to the right of that pile were some finished copies presented in cages, which looked great as well.


There were plenty of people there at the launch, and those people were all there for different reasons. Some were there because they helped out with the book, others were there because they were involved in the book, and some people like me were just there because we liked the book.

One thing I did notice about the launch was that it had been set up with a really nice atmosphere. There were candles lining the perimeter of the cafe, plus the lights were all dimmed as well. There was definitely a lot of conversations going on too!

And then Simon arrived. Upon arrival, he was greeted, took a few minutes and then gave a speech where he spoke about what inspired the book, his rather extensive research for the book and thanked those who helped him with it as well.

I couldn’t stick around for much longer after Simon arrived, but I did get my copy of the book signed, which I’m very happy about as well.

I found it to be a really enjoyable evening for a great book.

Blame is available in the UK on the 7th July 2016.



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