A Quick Chat with Tracy Darnton

Tracy Darnton

At YALC this year, I got to speak to the winner of the Stripes YA Short Story Prize and had a quick chat with her about writing and the upcoming anthology of short stories, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, due to be released in aid of Crisis on the 22nd September, that she’s featured in. Here’s what she had to say!

Congratulations on winning the Stripes Prize! What was that like for you?

That was a really really lovely surprise, and what’s been fantastic about it is that it’s been like a little course in how to be an author, so I’ve had the experience of being edited, I’ve seen the book proofs, I’ve seen the book going off to be published, I’m going to see the launch, I’m here at YALC and I’m hearing all the talks and taking part of a workshop, so I’m getting an insight into what it’s like to be a published author.

Crisis I'll Be Home for Christmas.jpg

And you’re in the ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ anthology? 

That’s right. It’s fantastic, I can’t believe my name is on a little house next to all these famous writers, I’ve still got a bit of an imposter feeling about it, but I guess I’ll get used to it!

Are you looking to release your own book?

Since winning this prize, I’ve gone and got an agent, and I’ll be submitting manuscripts in September, so fingers crossed!

Plus you’re here at YALC this year as well!

Yes, I’m really enjoying YALC, I haven’t been before but I definitely want to come again next year. Maybe next time they’ll let me dress up as an elf (Charlie: Please do!) or Harry Potter, I’ve really enjoyed it all. I brought my teenage son on Friday as well and he really enjoyed it too.

It was really great to get to speak to Tracy at YALC this year! I’ll Be Home For Christmas is out on the 22nd September. 


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