Review of Songs About A Girl by Chris Russell


I’d heard a lot of discussion around this book before it’s release. It sounded really promising, so I picked up a copy shortly after it’s release. I wasn’t really too sure what to expect. I knew what it was about after reading the synopsis online the first time I heard someone speak about it, but I began reading honestly not entirely sure what to expect.

Charlie Bloom has always been someone who preferred staying out of the limelight; Charlie and her camera were happy to stay away from it all. But when she’s offered the role of taking photos for one of the leading boybands around, it’s very difficult to pass up that opportunity. Soon enough, she’s caught up between frontman Gabriel and singer Olly. They become rivals, then Charlie comes across the secrets hidden in the lyrics of their songs.

It has to be said; this book is impressive. I loved it. It sounds like something I find myself saying a lot about books, but I really wasn’t too sure what to expect with this book. What I got was a book featuring a boyband, but featuring the general struggles of teenage life, relationship problems and really well written characters and a really well written plot.

Chris, the author, is a musician himself and I really like the way the band plays into the plot. It is key, but it’s not the only thing that matters about the book. There are also the general troubles of life, Charlie’s internal conflict and spends a lot of time behind the scenes, away from the paparazzi and the fans. This is really great, as is the fact the story is told from Charlie’s point of view. I like this, because Charlie is not only the main character, but is also the one in most of the situations. Whilst I’ve come to appreciate and really enjoy different dialogues throughout books, I like the fact that the book sticks to Charlie’s point of view because it shows you what she’s thinking. After all, she’s the one catapulted into this world.

There’s definitely been a lot of talk about Songs About A Girl, and now I realise why. I may have missed you at YALC this year Chris (which is where I bought your book from too!), but I loved your book. I can’t wait for the sequels!



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