See You In The Cosmos by Jack Cheng


(Penguin kindly sent me a copy of this book to read and review. My opinions on the book haven’t been affected.)

First of all, before I actually get into the review, look how amazing the cover is for this book!

This book is a Middle Grade title, a group of books I don’t read enough and even though I’m a few years beyond the age range that they’re aimed at, I thought I’d go ahead and request this one when the lovely Sophia at Penguin emailed to tell me how brilliant this book is. It really sounded incredibly intriguing, and my only regret is that it took me far too long to get round to.

This is a story told in a collection of transcripts from audio recordings, made by an 11 year old named Alex. Alex loves space, he loves rockets and his dog who he named after the famous astronomer Carl Sagan. He’s been making audio recordings on a golden iPod and all he wants is to launch them into space. So he travels to New Mexico, alone, to a festival all about rockets, in the hopes to send his to space. It doesn’t work, but what happens next and the road trip he takes on his way back to Colorado will force him to confront some of the biggest questions about life.

This is a really unique new book, one that I think is going to be really popular come release. It’s such a unique story, being billed as one for fans of Curious Incident and I think that’s a perfect fit. This book takes the dreams we all had and possibly still have and flies with them.

I loved reading about Alex as a character and the way the story has been told in the form of transcripts from audio recordings is brilliant, and totally compliments the story line, which sees Alex really get to grips with a lot of stuff and at times it does get emotional, but this book is totally worth it.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a fun read and one that I think a lot of people will really enjoy when it’s released.




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