Mind The Gap by Phil Earle


(The lovely people at Barrington Stoke sent me this book in exchange for a review, but my thoughts on the book are unaffected as a result. There may be spoilers ahead!)

This is the second book published by Barrington Stoke that I’ve read, the first being Non Pratt’s Unboxed, and I really enjoyed that book. When I got my hands on a copy of this book, I was very excited to read this too.

It wasn’t just Mikey who lost someone when his dad died.

I lost Mikey.

It’s not a competition and I know I sound like a complete git. I mean, it’s his dad for god’s sake.

But Mikey’s my best mate.

And I miss him.

This is a really poignant tale, a short one but a striking one. Towards the end of the book you may recognise the story that this book is themed on, the tale of the woman who lost her husband, who announced the stations on the Underground and when it was announced his voice was to be phased out, the woman fought and he can still be heard announcing the stations at Embankment in London.

This has always been a tale that I’ve liked, and it really comes through in Phil’s novel. The theme of friendship really shines through in this book, all about the (unnamed) narrator’s mission to get his best friend back.

Many, many people will enjoy this book so I definitely think it’s worth your time giving it a read.


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