All About Mia by Lisa Williamson


(I was sent this book in exchange for a review. My opinions haven’t been affected in any way!)

Lisa’s debut was the incredible The Art Of Being Normal, which still stands out in my mind as one of the best books I’ve ever read. It was fantastic. When I heard Lisa was writing a new book, I was of course very excited and eager to get my hands on a copy. Lisa’s first book really stands out in my mind as one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, so I think the excitement is warranted.

One family, three sisters.
GRACE, the oldest: straight-A student.
AUDREY, the youngest: future Olympic swimming champion.
And MIA, the mess in the middle.
Mia is wild and daring, great with hair and selfies, and the undisputed leader of her friends – not attributes appreciated by her parents or teachers.
When Grace makes a shock announcement, Mia hopes that her now-not-so-perfect sister will get into the trouble she deserves.
But instead, it is Mia whose life spirals out of control – boozing, boys and bad behaviour – and she starts to realise that her attempts to make it All About Mia might put at risk the very things she loves the most.

Where do I even start with this book?

First of all, I loved it. I felt like I’d become a small part of the Campbell-Richardson family after reading if I’m totally honest.

This book is a really honest look at relationships between siblings and family life as a teenager. Mia is a different character to her two sisters and the book looks at the kind of expectations she feels she has to live up to as a middle child, considering her younger sister is a swimming champion and Grace is a straight A student.

Mia’s a really fun character, and whilst the book sometimes gets serious, laughs are to be had too.

As well as the family relationships, the book takes a really good look at how relationships exist between friends and what to do when they go wrong, and how sometimes everything can go wrong but it’s still OK. Mia’s friend group are great, and they’re just as great to read about too.

I won’t ruin what Grace’s shock announcement is to you, or else I’d ruin a really important part of the story for you, but the story plays out alongside it, which I think works perfectly, and eventually, there’s a conclusion I think a lot of people will like.

It really is a great book. I had a lot of fun reading it, speeding through it in a couple of days, and I highly recommend it.



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