Review of The State Of Grace by Rachael Lucas


I’ve been waiting a while for this one! Rachael posted the news of this book being acquired a while ago and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. I read it over the #SundayYAthon at the start of this month and I’m very excited to finally be reviewing it.

“Grace has Asperger’s and her own way of looking at the world. She’s got a horse and a best friend who understand her, and that’s pretty much all she needs. But when Grace kisses Gabe and things start to change at home, the world doesn’t make much sense to her any more. Suddenly everything threatens to fall apart, and it’s up to Grace to fix it on her own.”

This isn’t a particularly long read, but I anticipated it being an amazing one. Rachel, who organised the #SundayYAthon and runs #SundayYA, actually said, when I asked whether it was too late to add this title to the Readathon title:

The State of Grace is brilliant and I would recommend abandoning your #SundayYAthon TBR in favour of this.”

And this book truly is wonderful.

First of all, I’m always excited when #ownvoices novels are published, as I’m excited that there are stories written by the people that experience the things that they are writing about, if that makes any sense! Rachael herself is autistic, and I think with that came a level of depth and understanding that shines through in this book.

Grace is a character that you really get to know and empathise with throughout the book, and Rachael’s written a really heartwarming tale really exploring Grace’s character. I love the fact that we get to know Grace, as she feels like less of a main character of a novel and almost more like a friend.

Along with Grace’s challenges that she may face day to day that come with being autistic, this book also explores growing up and relationships with other people, and it does so very nicely.

Yes, the story’s not a long one, but it is a poignant one. One that will stick with you. It certainly has for me.

There’s a lot of positivity flying around the internet for this book from bloggers and reviewers and authors and everyone generally, so anything positive I can say (and there’s a lot!) has probably already been said, but do know this: I highly recommend this book. It’s easily one of my standouts for 2017 and is a book set to be remembered for a long while after it was published earlier this month.

(Also, as a quick plea to Rachael, please keep writing YA!)


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