I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman


(This book was sent to me for review, but my opinions haven’t been affected in any way!)

This particular review is long overdue, but I hope it’s worth it!

Angel Rahimi cares about The Ark a lot. So much so that care is probably an understatement. She’s a fully paid up member of The Ark fandom, and decides to go to a gig in London with an internet friend she’s known for years, but has never met in real life. Jimmy Kaga-Ricci is a member of The Ark, and owes a great deal of his life to being part of the band. What a shame that much of his life is up in the air at the moment. And yet, Angel and Jimmy are unexpectedly pushed into each other’s lives, facing what reality and the world could offer them with.

Readers of anything I’ve written before on Alice Oseman’s books will know that I really, really like Alice’s style of writing. She writes incredibly relatable books with stories you can get behind and characters you really connect with emotionally. All characters, though for me especially Jimmy, give us a lot to think about and chew over when we consider real world implications of the issues drawn upon in the book, like mental health or internet friends – it’s one of the only books I’ve read where the idea of friends online having equal status to those in person comes up as a topic. It brings together lots of people from lots of different backgrounds, and it’s a hugely fun book to read on the whole. I was certainly gripped.

If you’re a fan of Alice’s previous books, you’ll love this. It’s a fun, action-filled book about a boy band but not about a boy band. Really a great read for anyone searching for a great YA read – in fact, I’d suggest it’s a great book for anyone looking to start reading YA too! And as I’ve said about Alice’s books before, I can’t wait for the next one!


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