The DIMILY trilogy and why you should read it

I searched through my emails to find the first time I was introduced to the DIMILY trilogy. I’d heard a few super positive things about it, and I knew that the series started as a highly popular Wattpad series. The wonderful team at Black and White Publishing were nice enough to send me a copy of Did I Mention I Love You, and I raced through it. The second book was sent out as a surprise to book bloggers by the team at B&W and the third one landed on my doorstep a few days ago. I’m reading it at the moment (I’m really enjoying it and will definitely be reviewing it shortly), but for my stop on the blog tour for the book, I thought I’d give you a few reasons I think you should read the trilogy, or rather I take a few things that people might be thinking about the trilogy that could put them off and tell you why, in fact, you may actually really enjoy it!

  • The characters are great. You meet so many amazing characters in the DIMILY trilogy, and they’re all so well crafted as well. The main characters, Eden and Tyler, clearly have a lot of thought put into them and I really do think this is a good thing. By the end of the first book, you will definitely have got a really good idea of who the characters are, and you will be able to tell that they’ve been crafted quite carefully.
  • Description of settings is also pretty good too. The series is largely set in locations in America, with a large amount of the first book set in places like Santa Monica and New York City. Just like the descriptions of the characters that Estelle provides, the description of the settings is very vivid as well.
  • Estelle’s writing style is amazing. The books have a really amazing way of pulling you into the story and gripping you so it feels like you’re reading a thriller instead of a romance. Most people I talk to about the series all have similar things to say. Even if romance may not be your thing, I think you’ll find that Estelle has a way with words, and it really shines through in this book.
  • Even if romance isn’t your thing, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Trust me, romance isn’t my thing either. To this day and to the best of my knowledge, the trilogy remains the only set of romance novels I’ve ever read. But honestly, I’m blown away by the trilogy. Estelle’s writing style is so good that you can feel totally gripped by the series. I really think that, even if romance isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy this series.
  • It also becomes slightly addictive too. (Once you’re into it, you really can’t put the book down!)

I hope that you enjoy the DIMILY trilogy if you are reading it, are planning on reading it soon or if you are about to start the final book in the trilogy, then I hope you’re ready for it to end!

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