Review Policy and Disclaimers

UPDATE (7/2/15) : Right now, I’m not accepting books except from those I’ve already agreed to review or those from publishers authors and agents I’m already in contact with. When this changes, I’ll remove this notice.
I review mainly Young Adult books and Children’s Books that lapse into this genre. I don’t yet review many adult books, though if an adult book is good, I’ll review it.
I will always declare whether I have received a book for review. Don’t ever ask me not to, because as well as it it being dishonest, it may also put me in breach of advertising laws, something I don’t want to do.
If you’d like to submit a book to me, and of course I love it when authors do want to send me books to review, then please note the following:

  • I will only read books in the Young Adult genre, or very good Children’s Books (mainly MG).
  • I really appreciate the work of the independent author community, and so I pride myself in being a blogger who does actually accept them! You’ll understand that it won’t ever be the main focus of this blog, but do pitch your book to me, I’d love to hear from you! (Visit the contact pages to find out how!)
  • I don’t mind how you send a book to me, whether it’s a physical copy or an e-book, but if you’re sending a physical copy to me then I always much prefer it if someone from your publisher arranges it’s delivery. If you’re self-published, that doesn’t matter too much.
  • Do not ask me to add you to my safe senders Kindle list if you want to send me an e-book. I don’t ever let anyone send files to my Kindle except me, so if you’d like to send anything to me as an e-book, you will need to send me the file and then I will deliver it to my Kindle.
  • I’m based in the UK, and whilst I don’t mind where it comes from, I will not be able to pay for any shipping costs. Sorry!
  • I will NOT read erotica of any kind.
  • I’ll accept ARCs and already published novels, I’m not too picky, just as long as it fits these criteria!
  • I may at my own discretion publish a review or an adapted version of a review on a different website, but I don’t do this often.

I always reserve the right to not review your book after receiving it. I don’t tend to do this, but if I don’t like it or if I haven’t been able to finish it, then I will not review it. If you’re still waiting on a review from me, it’s because I receive quite a lot of books and I’m still trying to get round to yours. Please don’t email me to find out where it’s gone, the review is on it’s way to the internet, and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s posted. I don’t like to keep you waiting either, so I make my best efforts!


I don’t claim to own any book covers on this site and so the copyright for those and any other applicable material falls to their respective authors. Do let me know if you’d prefer if I didn’t use your book cover on my blog, and I’ll happily remove it.
I make no money from this blog. Books reviewed are never reviewed in exchange for money; where I’m sent a book for free, it’s the only thing I receive!
On the rare occasion I do run giveaways, unless otherwise stated, they are open only to UK based entrants. This is due to the fact that I work with UK publishers who in many cases do not hold the rights to books in other territories.